When you introduce a landlord to us who is looking to tenant their property, not only will you be adding value to their lives when they decide to partner with us, you will also earn £100 for you introducing them to us.


For every landlord that you introduce to us and bring into our community, you will earn £100. This landlord must sign up for our free, no-fee rent guarantee scheme for a period of 3 or more years.

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What value do we add to the landlord?


  • 100% Fixed income guaranteed

  • They pay ZERO commission or management fees


  • No rental void periods from empty properties


  • Have dedicated property professionals who manage their properties


  • Have strictly professionals and mature students occupy their properties


  • No longer need to deal with tenant issues


  • No Charges for day-to-day maintenance issues

Refer A Landlord & You Can Earn £100!

Terms and Conditions

Upon successfully signing up a referred landlord to our guaranteed rent scheme we will contact the referrer and send a cheque or bank transfer a sum of £150.

The sum of £150 is payable per successful recommendation, but will only be paid once and not for any subsequent property transactions of the same recommended person/s.

To claim the £150, the referrer must advise the person recommended that they have been referred.  This offer is not applicable in the case where people recommended have or are already using the services of Mount Global Properties.